The Making Of

Tesla Wood boxes

At Mysteries Co., we fabricate our own wooden boxes, smoothly sanded and stained.

Woodworking is soo satisfying

Working with wood is an art in itself, so harsh but so fun. 

Thanks for the support

Hey ! This is Andy, he is working on the wooden boxes and a bit on his tanning ;) 

Specialized messages

How exciting would that be to receive this ?
We do take special orders sometimes with personnalized messages, we place them in cute envelopes in hope this will encrave a new memory. 

Painted to perfection

We use different types of paint and settle on one that makes a realistic yet cinematic effect !

PCBs are a powerful tool

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) allow to make less mistakes, more reliable electronics. For some years now, the PCBs quality has got so much better. 

Prototype in the oven

The B-Squad prototype is in the cycle right now and it will be a blast ;) 

Presentation is key

Imagine receiving this parcel, what would you do ? :)
Defuse or run ? 

Key to my heart

Hidden deep is a key to my emotions. Can you find the key ? 
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Thanks for the support !